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4 Exciting Things to Do in Nice This June

Nice is a beautiful area of France with some of the best weather in Europe. It’s also a great place to find exciting events. Whether you’re looking at properties for sale in Nice or you’re just visiting, you’ll be excited to know about the summer activities you can look forward to during your time here. While there are many events happening all year long, here are just four of the things you should look forward to if you’ll be in Nice this June.



Ballet and Orchestra of the National Opera of Russia – Friday, June 9

This beautiful ballet is a classic and a treasure in the performance space. Originally created and performed in 1841, the ballet tells the story of a peasant girl who falls madly in love with a man. However, she soon discovers that he is already engaged to a Princess. Feeling betrayed and sent into the depths of despair, she responds to this news by dancing herself to death. It’s a poignant tale performed by some of the world’s most talented dancers and musicians, and it’s not to be missed if you’re a patron of the arts.


Riviera Classic Motor Show

Saturday June 10

For 12 hours, enjoy the sights and sounds of classic and collectors’ motorbikes and cars. This annual car show draws some of the most unique and impressive vehicles from around the world. The theme for 2017 is “La Dolce Vita”, the sweet life, and it certainly is when you’re at the Riviera Classic Motor Show. For its 50th year, this motor show hosts guests from all over the world. There’s even an auction in the afternoon with most of the 60 vehicles available for purchase. It’s organised by a renowned auction house, so the quality is sure to be high. Be sure to stop by the spare parts exchange on the square if you’re looking for rare parts at a great price. You can also visit the National Museum of Sport during your visit.


Alpe d’Ituez to Mont Ventoux Cycle Tour

Thursday June 15 – Monday June 19

Whether you’re an avid cyclist looking for an extreme challenge or somebody who just wants to watch, this is one of the most gruelling cycling tours in the world. It lasts for five days, with three days of riding. While it comes with a somewhat hefty price tag for participants, it includes five nights of accommodation, three meals a day, cycling with a lead rider and minibus support for three days, and professionally qualified mechanics.


Breathe as One Festival

Sunday, June 25

The Breathe as One festival started as an impromptu way to celebrate the first International Yoga Day. However, it’s now an annual event celebrating International Yoga Day and offering free yoga to all. Over a thousand people gather to do yoga in an open air space to learn from leaders in the holistic and wellness space and find community together. Nico Luce, Gloria Latham, and other inspirational figures will be present this year.


No matter what you’re looking for, Nice has something to offer. If you’re just visiting, you’re sure to enjoy your stay if you choose to visit some of these events. Want to make your stay permanent? There are plenty of properties for sale in Nice, and a community of year-round residents that would be happy to welcome you.

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