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Mont Boron

Mont Boron, perennially glamorous and exclusive, is the Hollywood Hills of Nice and one of the most sought after areas for property for sale on the French Riviera.

Spectacular sea views, exceptional properties for sale and the convenience of being less than fifteen minutes from a major international airport, appeals to many celebrities and businessmen, some of whom already own properties on Mont Boron.

Mont Boron occupies a privileged position between Nice and Villefranche-Sur-Mer, so many properties for sale in Mont Boron have glorious views over both of these bays. Mont Boron was strategically well situated and used historically as a look out point for forces protecting the two bays from attackers, as the area offers a vast Mediterranean sea view.

There is an abundance of exceptional apartments for sale on offer with panoramic sea views, outdoor space and secure parking. Residences are well maintained and some even have swimming pools.

The Château de l’Anglais is an imposing, Gothic building built into the hill. Impossible to miss because of its unique pink colour, it is a listed historic building. Now converted into residential apartments, it remains one of the architectural highlights of the area.

At the foot of Mont Boron lies the privileged area around the Cap de Nice. This coastal area is just minutes from the Port of Nice, but enjoys a more peaceful and exclusive ambiance. The Cap is also home to the Reserve de Nice, a beautiful restaurant and bar offering diners with unparalleled sea views. The Boulevard Franck Pilatte is the main road around the Cap de Nice and is one of the city’s most exclusive addresses. Countless luxury residences and apartments for sale line Boulevard Franck Pilatte, all with easy access to the Cap de Nice’s leafy, coastal Promenade and all the activity the Port has to offer.

Mont Boron enjoys a gentle sea breeze to cool the intense heat of the summer sun and the generous foliage offers the utmost privacy along with protection from the noise of the city below.

Prices in Mont Boron start from around 400,000 Euros for a good quality one-bedroom apartment for sale. This area also appeals to buyers looking for luxury villas for sale with open sea views and total privacy while also being centrally situated on the French Riviera, close to both Nice and Monaco. Villa prices range from 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 Euros for some truly exceptional properties.

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Mont Boron Restaurants

La Réserve de Nice

Sitting enviably on the rugged Cap de Nice, La Réserve offers its fortunate diners gastronomic Niçois cuisine in an exquisite setting. The endless sea views make this an unforgettable dining experience.60 Boulevard Franck Pilatte +334 97 08 14 80

Local favourites, shops and points of interest in Mont Boron

Mont Boron is an exclusive and luxurious area of Nice and is very popular for property buyers and renters looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in a tranquil environment with extraordinary Riviera views. The tranquil setting means there is very little in the way of activity, including restaurants and shops. However, just a short drive away, are the shops and restaurants of Nice Port as well as those of Villefranche-sur-Mer.

Shops – Carrefour Market

A reasonably sized supermarket stocking all the basics and much more. Carrefour market is ideal for residents who want to pick up the essentials and avoid heading into the busy city centre.
Boulevard Maurice Maeterlinck +334 97 00 19 90

Visit – The Parc Forestier du Mont Boron

This park is one of the best places in Nice for hiking and nature enthusiasts can examine the exotic flora that thrives here. The park offers a calm spot to picnic and offers the ideal location for children to play. You will hardly believe you are only ten minutes away from the city centre.

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