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The Vibrant Street Markets of Nice

You are enjoying the most wonderful holiday in Nice, the warmth of the sun on your face whilst you take an unhurried amble along the winding streets.  You chance upon a vibrant street market and your senses are all at once delighted. Colourful blooms, the smell of freshly baked bread, the delicate texture of a lacey rococo tablecloth, ripe fruits and vegetables fresh from the ground, curiosities and antiques and the excited chatter of traders plying their wares. This is the life, if only you could visit more often, then it strikes you – you can! There are plenty of properties for sale in Nice, why shouldn’t you splash out and find the perfect Nice bolt-hole for you and yours.


A holiday home in Nice, or even one step further, a permanent home, would afford you the privilege of visiting the myriad of markets in and around Nice. There’s no shortage – the French absolutely adore a good market and where there’s a market there’s a regular supply of French citizens purchasing whatever they need for the day. Where food is concerned fresh is best and the large commercial supermarkets are reserved for run of the mill household stuff.  For this reason, market days are a regular occurrence in Provence and the Cote d’Azur.


A visit to a farmer’s market will make your taste buds tingle, regional fresh fruit and vegetables, ripe and juicy and just waiting for you to make a feast from them. Tempting cakes and succulent croissants, all manner of cuts of meat that are begging to be slow roasted or marinated and slung on the BBQ. Then there’s the mouth-watering cheeses – your waistline might suffer, but this is France, cheese and wine are staples. There’s no mass production here, no conveyor belts of processed, preserved and thrice-wrapped foodstuffs. French food markets are all about independent and locally grown produce, and passionate connoisseurs.


For a bigger slice of the market (so to speak) head to the Marche Provencal. These are bigger affairs with plenty of fresh goodies like those you find at a farmer’s market. You will also find fabrics (such as tablecloths), ceramic and leather goods, clothing and crafts, amongst other things.


Then there are the Marche aux Puces, or Flea markets as we would call them in the UK. If you can’t resist a rummage you will find all manner of pre-loved goods begging for the chance to return home with you. Flea markets tend to be a monthly affair and are often on a Sunday.


As you sit on your balcony you enjoy the spoils of your shopping. The soft leather handbag and pretty earrings were a steal and you can’t wait for more browsing tomorrow. The atmosphere and ambiance of Nice are hard to beat and the climate gives you a warm glow just thinking about it. With each mouthful of beautifully soft and rich Pont l’Evèque you decide that browsing those properties for sale in Nice is fast becoming a better idea

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